Mac engelska


One course is a videorecording and a booklet. Courses are for Mac. Click on booklet and print it with print icon. Click on video and

 save it to your own harddisk. When you click on video it will run by Quick time player. If you miss something in these courses

 maybee som other course may help you. F.ex. a windows course if you have Word on your Mac. Everything is still free.


Step 1 Basic course: Memories, folders and files

Inside and outside memories, clean USB-memory, studying keyboard, wordprossesor Texteditor, 9 files saved in root of USB

memory, why folders, create folders, moveing files to folders, delete files, changing names of files, compare USB and harddisc,

USB as backup.                     


Mac: Booklet          Video part 1            Video part 2            Video part 3  


Step 2 Basic course: Wordprocessing OpenOffice writer  You must know step 1


Formatform/paragraph form normal, pressing enter, marking text, copy, move, delete text, margins, fonts, format forms/paragraph forms, documents with many pages, head of page foot of page, several windows at the same time.


Mac: Booklet          Video part 1            Video part 2            Video part 3            Video part 4            Video part 5


Step 3 Basic course: Internet   You must know  step 1, 2


URL-adresses, searching information, leaving information, paying bills, creating mailadresses, using mailprograms,

Advertising mail, sending mail , creating adresssbook, creating groups and sending mail to these.


Mac: Booklet          Adresslist                 Video part 1            Video part 2            Video part 3  




Step 4: Working on distance  You must know step 1, 2, 3

Installing malprogram on your own computer, creating folders for mail, Lisa Andersson working with agreements and  offerts,  

wordprocessing in mail programs, adressbook and groups, sending big files, helping by distance.


Mac : Booklet         Adresslist                 Video Part 1            Video part 2            Video part 3            Video part 4  

Video part 5


Step 5: Webbpages  You must know step 1, 2, 3, 4

Creating domain on a webbhotel, creating webbpage in HTML-kod, nameing files on webbhotel, copying webpage to your hotel,

Webb editor, linked pages, creating webbpages in Open Office writer, mail adress at, user leaving info on webbpages,

Pictures on webbpages.


Mac: Booklet          Adresslist


Step 6: Marketing on internet  You must know step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Webbpages- blogg- webbshop, create  blogg, create insertion, user writing comments, registrate blogg, demoshop, creating webbshop,

activate shop.


Mac : Booklet    Adresslist                      


Step 7: OpenOffice calc  You must know step 1, 2

Cells, rows, coloumns, text, numbers, formulas, simple budget, formatting, copy formulas, two calculations on same sheet, invoice,  diagram, look windows, macro, tablel/register sorting, schedule.


Mac : Booklet  


Step 8: OpenOffice presentation  You must know step 1, 2

Crating pages with text, pictures and sound, automatic and manuell slide show.


Mac : Booklet


Step 9: OpenOffice databas 1 You must know step steg 1, 2

Fields, field head line, posts, objects, index, register i OOW, OOC, OODB, register CD-records and photo, formulas, questions, relations.


Mac : Booklet  



Till startsidan