Step 6: Marketing on internet  You must know Step 1, 2, 3,  4, 5

Webbpages, create blogg, create insertion, user comments, registrating blogg, creating webbshop, youtube.

Mac                     Booklet                Adresslist            Video 1                Video 2               Video 3               Video 4                            Bidrag 1               Bidrag 2              Bidrag 3               OK Kompassen  


Step 7: LibreOffice Calc  You must know Step 1, 2

Cells, rows, columns, text, numbers, formulas, budget, formatting, copy formulas, two calculations on same sheet, invoice, diagram, tables, sorting, schedules.

Mac                     Booklet                Video 1               Video 2                Video 3


Step 8: LibreOffice Presentation  You must know Step 1,2

Creating pages with text, pictures an sound, manuel and automatic slide show.

Mac               Booklet         Video 1         Video 2         Video 3


Step 9: LibreOffice Databas  You must know Step 1, 2

Fields, field head line, posts, objects, index, tables in LOW, LOC, LODB, tables: costumers, CD records, cars,articles, photoes, formulas, questions, relations.

Mac               Booklet         Video 1


Step 10: Quick Time Player You ust know Step 1

Videoinspelning, skarva videoinspelningar, ta bort delar av videoinspelning

Mac               Booklet


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